Private Equity

We promote the growth and roots of the companies around us, contributing to a more sustainable and stronger industrial ecosystem.

We are a Private Equity Investment vehicle seeking to take predominantly minority stakes in companies from various sectors to support them in their growth and development plans through active participation in their management.

Our committed and value-aligned team combines extensive national and international experience in private equity and business management. This allows us to have a comprehensive approach to companies, aiming to apply the best practices in the sector whilst respecting and being sensitive to their local roots and culture.

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Investment strategy

Investment strategy

Our focus is to undertake investments, predominantly minority and conservative in terms of debt, in companies from all sectors (except for the banking and real estate industries) located in or strongly linked to the Basque Country, Navarre and their surrounding areas.

We look for well established companies in the Middle-Market going through periods of change, either in their management (international expansion, consolidation, etc.) or shareholding (generational change, capital increase, etc.).

Investment team

Outstanding human capital backed by extensive knowledge of the business network.


Our investee companies


Sustainable and profitable investment

Our investment policy firmly believes in sustainability as a value that enhances economic and social development.

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